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Online ceremony to remember workers killed on the job

Unifor will be marking the Day of Mourning for workers killed on the job with an online ceremony to remember workers who have died in the past year.

Last year’s Day of Mourning, April 28, came just as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning, and few of us could imagine that we would still be in its grips a year later.

According to the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada, 925 workers died on the job or were killed by occupational disease in 2019, the last year for which statistics are available, and there were 271,806 lost time claims.

At Unifor over the past year, 17 members have died on the job, including five with COVID-19. Four members of FFAW-Unifor were killed in just one day.

“This has been an extremely difficult year, one we hope to never see repeated. It is important that we come together to remember, and to commit to prevent any more such needless deaths,” Unifor National President Jerry Dias said.

Join with other Unifor staff and activists for the online commemoration on April 28:

  • When: April 28, 7pm ET
  • Where: Click here to register.
  • Who: Speakers will include Unifor National President Jerry Dias, Unifor Secretary-Treasurer Lana Payne, Western Regional Director Gavin McGarrigle, Ontario Regional Director Naureen Rizvi, Atlantic Regional Director Linda MacNeil, Assistant to the National President Joie Warnock, Director Health, Safety and Environment Sari Sairanen.
  • What: There will be a moment of silence for the lost members, including a video tribute to lost members, and a call to action.

Please mark this time and date in your calendars and register to attend in advance on Zoom.

In solidarity,

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Jerry Dias
National President

Message from The District Chair
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Women Surviving the Pandemic – A One Year Check In 09 June 2020 at 19:00

Air Canada CSSAs: Update: Early Retirement Incentive Programs

Early Retirement Incentive Program And Question (Pdf)

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Relief Package

Unifor Welcomes Air Canada relief package

Work from Home Arbitration

Message from Our Bargaining Team ( Technological Change/Automation )


March 8, 1956 –  April 2, 2021


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Unifor Celebrates Trans Members


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Message from Don Ross – Interim President


22 March Water Day.

To date 57 water advisories in 38 CANADIAN COMMUNITIES

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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

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Save Canadian Aviation Petition


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Gaetano Amodeo is Appointed to Pension Communications Representative for Air Canada

Message From Anthony Doyle

Hello / Bonjour,

As we continually strive to elevate our customers’ experience, we’ve been exploring opportunities to create a more streamlined process amongst our specialized departments by better utilizing their expertise.

We’re planning a multi-phased approach to train and integrate various groups, further streamlining our capacity to meet customer demand. Our Rates group will be provided with training in NRD, and Employee Contact Centre (ECC) calls will be redistributed within our General Reservations team. The current National Resource Desk (NRD) team will evolve into a Sales Support Centre focused on supporting Travel Agencies, which is a key point in our recovery.

I’m confident that these changes will provide a more positive experience for our customers and simplifies the processes for the Customer Sales and Service Agents that interact with these groups. I look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, should you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Service Manager.



Email your Member of Parliament tell them we need to Save Canadian Aviation

Let’s Save Canadian Aviation

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Dear Unifor member,

Following a long and arduous year of Unifor submitting reports, letters, submissions, and presentations to the Federal government, advocating for a National Aviation Recovery Plan, Jerry Dias – Unifor National President announced on March 4, 2021, that progress is finally being made.

To solidify these efforts, we are asking each one of you to send the attached letter of support for Canadian Aviation to your Member of Parliament (MP). This process is easy and will only take a minute to complete.

Air travel is essential to Canada’s economic growth and prosperity. The Federal government has emphasized the need to have a viable aviation sector in order to kick-start the Canadian economy. However, we have only been provided with words and no action has been taken thus far. Your action is required to keep our issues at the forefront of the recovery agenda. Please take the time to complete this important task. Click here to send a letter of support to your Member of Parliament

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Air Canada CSSA update on Joint Planning Committee Process

In December, 2020, Air Canada applied to the Minister of Labour for a waiver of the Group Termination provisions of the Canada Labour Code pertaining to members who were laid off earlier in 2020. The Employer was arguing that they should not have to follow the Canada Labour Code provisions due to the pandemic. Unifor, along with other Air Canada unions filed objections to this application. In mid-February, 2021, Air Canada’s application for the waiver was denied by the Minister of Labour. Per the Labour Code requirements, Air Canada posted the Notice of Group Termination on February 16th in all of the work locations. As the waiver has been denied, Air Canada is mandated to form a joint planning committee with each of the unions involved. Your Air Canada Bargaining committee will form the Unifor Local 2002 component of the joint committee. The joint planning committee is formed to develop an adjustment program to try to eliminate the necessity for the termination of employment, to minimize the impact of the termination of employment on the redundant employees and to assist those employees in obtaining other employment. In the event the joint committee is not able to agree on the process or terms required to facilitate the mandate of the committee, an arbitrator can be requested by either component of the committee, not earlier than March 26th. The role of the arbitrator is to assist the joint planning committee in the development of an adjustment program and to resolve any matters in dispute respecting the adjustment program. Your bargaining committee will be attending the first joint planning committee meeting with Air Canada on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. While we are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to mitigate more of the current layoffs and assist members that wish to move on to alternate employment, we also know that with the sheer volume of members currently on layoff status, we will not be able to mitigate 100% of the layoffs. We will update you with additional information once we meet with the employer.    In solidarity, Your Air Canada Bargaining CommitteeFrances Galambosy, Central Region, Chairperson
Tammy Moore, Atlantic Region
Benoit Lapointe, Eastern Region
Joanne Goulet, Western Region
Steve Murphy, Pacific Region
Leslie Dias, Unifor Director – Airlines Sector   

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