Greetings everyone

For those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Satya Singh and I have been elected as your new District Chair Representative here at District 300. As you all know Lia De Palma retired after serving 35 years with Air Canada. 20 of those years was spent serving us all as the District Chair of District 300. It was a pleasure working beside Lia for the past month as she mentored me for today. 

As for myself I started working for Air Canada back in 2000 where I was a ticketing, and cash office agent. Around 2006 I was involuntary relocated to CJM where I was able to obtain Leads Qualifications and worked as a relief lead as needed. When I returned back at the airport I brought with me my new skills and continued as a ticketing agent and relief lead as needed. In the past I was on the Elections Committee at CJM for 2 years before returning back to Toronto Airport where I was voted in as a Vice Chair Union Representative. 

Within the last 20 years my journey has brought me to the Toronto Call Centre where I was voted in as a Vice Chair Union Representative. My journey takes detour as I bumped to Montreal Reservation for a few months. Giving me the opportunity to experience the whole Air Canada network and meeting more of our Air Canada family members. 

Today I bring with me all of the skills and knowledge I have possessed working in many departments and every job position within my scope. I have also co created with our Colleague Sheila Sarne A website we put together for our fellow colleagues to easily obtain information pertaining to our unique workplace. 

I hope you have the opportunity to see my work though the website and I’m proud to be representing you as your new District Chair. I’ve got some big shoes to fill, and with your help we will succeed. 

Please check our local website at for updates. 

Your Vice Chair Representatives:

  • Carmen Zuloaga
  • Sandra Neary
  • Andrianna Panagopoulos
  • Karen Johnson
  • Rana Younes
  • Yolanda Cornwall

Your Health and Safety Representatives:

  • Lucy Daher 
  • Mary Massi 

 [email protected]

Your Women’s Advocate

  • Yolanda Cornwall

Phone: 647-613-0277

Email: [email protected]

Are all here to support you as well. 

In Solidarity 

Satya Singh

Vacation Bid For New Hires
Hot off the Press!

I am pleased to announced the arrival of the new Unifor 2021/2022 calendars. 

Please stop in the Union Office Mondays to Fridays between 1000-1800 to collect your calendar.

In Solidarity,


November 2, 2021

Hot off the Press!

I am pleased to announced the arrival of the new Unifor 2021/2022 calendars.

Please stop in the Union Office Mondays to Fridays between 1000-1800 to collect yours today.

In Solidarity,


Recent Updates October 28, 2021

Yesterday the Union met with the Company for our monthly 18.03 meeting to discuss on going issues brought forward by the

members. The topics discussed were:

  • Resources Management Hours
  • Increased help for the Resource Team
  • Vacation 2022
  • VPP weeks awarded
  • Groups
  • Training
  • New Hires
  • WFH
Other Important Updates

The Union has filed Grievances for those members who have submitted a religious/health exemption against the covid-19 mandate and were denied by the company. Not sure how long this process will take as the Unions have all filed Grievances.

A reminder to any members who were recalled back to work this year, when the vacation tool was sent out the company indicated that you would ONLY be awarded your Prorated Vacation Allotment. This can be calculated by using the Prorated Paid Vacation Tool found in Acaeronet under the eHR Kiosk. The Union has been advised by the Resource Manager that anyone seeking extra time off will need to shift trade.

The Company has denied some members the option of 1 week of VPP for 2022. The Union is aware of this and has asked the company to further investigate.

Also another important reminder please check your pay stubs which is released on the Thursday prior to pay day. There has been an increase of discrepancies over the past few months. If you have noticed any errors please send an email to the employee care team at[email protected] and cc the Union at [email protected].

In Solidarity,



The Company has advised that they will not be downsizing the operations on Monday October 11. 2021.

Everyone who is scheduled to work will be working.

In Solidarity



The company is working on the shifts and they should be sending an email to all employees affected later on today.

We anticipate bidding to be next week (date to be determined)  and you will be called in order of seniority.

Please also note that according to article 6.12.05 the company need to advise you of new shift with 7 days notice.

6.12.05 When moving from one work schedule to another, employees will be provided with at least forty-eight (48) hours notice for a change of start times and at least seven (7) days notice for alteration of scheduled days on/off for the purpose of bid training. The same will apply to Relief agents following implementation of a new work schedule.

If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Unifor office.

In solidarity,

Carmen Zuloaga



September 16, 2021

Today the Union met with the company regarding the many issues that we’re experiencing here at YTO including the following:

Shifts in Totalview and ESS are not updated simultaneously causing issue with shift premiums, requring manual fixes afterwards.

Delays in shifts being loaded into Totalview and ESS, resulting in stressful shift trading – Members are not able to request shifts in Totalview due unable to find names, which results in having to fill out a manual shift trade request.

Yet ESS has no issues.

With the increasing amounts of shift bids, recalls, new hires, vacations and other anomalies, this increases the amount of workload for RESOPS.

The Company has acknowledged these ongoing issues and has agreed to increase the administration staff to have these issues resolved.

This would lead YTO RES to possibly bid earlier than the other Call Centres to have more time to have schedules input into the two systems.

The union will continue to monitor the progress.

In Solidarity 



Monday September 13, 2021


Last week the company met with The Bargaining Committee regarding any outstanding issues. One of the hot topics that was discussed was Vacation for the recently Recalled Members.

Shortly after that meeting the Airport sent out an email regarding 2021 Pro-Rated Vacations for their members. The Bargaining Committee will further meet with the Company to discuss outstanding issues specific to Contact Centres.

However, I have been advised today by the YTO Resources Manager that they will be working on the vacation waitlist prior to presenting the2021 Pro-Rated Vacation similar to what the Airport has already offered. Hopefully this process will be short and we can finally move on.

Thanks for your patience during this messy recall process.

In Solidarity,


DC of District 300


For those members who are booked to receive the

Covid 19 vaccinations: you can now take a Family

Responsibility Day (FR).

Requests for FR Days can be sent to Cathy at:

[email protected].

Substantiation will be required upon request by the



Today the company has advised that on Friday we will be receiving some long awaited communication on the Vacation ebid for our Recently recalled members. 

Also today members have received a pay progression scale from the Employee Care Team. We are waiting for the Bargaining Committee to provide an update regarding this matter. 

We understand the frustration with the ongoing HR issues and appreciate your patience as we try to have these issues resolved as soon possible. 

In Solidarity,




Tonight we have been advised by they company that YYZ will be depleting the 

recall list and will be terminating The mitigation Programs such as The Working Part Time Program and The Reduced Work Week Program. 

The program is scheduled to terminated as of September 11 ,2021 and you will be scheduled to work on your regular bid schedule on September 12, 2021. 

If you decide to return to your regular work schedule prior to September 11, 2021, please reach out to your Resource Deployment Manager at [email protected].

The company will be contacting affected members next week. 



Good Morning everyone,

The company has sent out an email on August 11, to open up the Telework Program (WFH) for all interested Applicants. However, The union would like to remind everyone that we did not agree to have KPI’s used as a determining factor for telework.  We have filed for a judicial review of the arbitrator’s decision. 

We are awaiting the outcome. We do not agree with the company’s requirement and therefore need to make it known.

In Solidarity,