Anti Scab Law Now sign the petition
Dear members, locals, staff and all leadership, Please take two minutes right now and help us make history in Canada’s labour movement. Sign Unifor’s petition demanding anti-scab legislation at this link. Yesterday our union launched our Anti-Scab Law Now campaign at Prairie Regional Council, and released a research paper called Fairness on the line: The case for anti-scab legislation in Canada. This study includes internal data and analysis we’ve never publicly released before, detailing the cold hard facts on the negative impact scabs have on resolving labour disputes. Simply put, the use of scabs undermines worker’s collective power, unnecessarily prolongs labour disputes, and removes the economic pressure that the withdrawal of labour is supposed to give workers to help end a dispute. Many of you know first-hand the kind of damage scabs cause in our fight to create good, stable and safe jobs for workers in Canada. It’s no surprise that the three longest labour disputes in Unifor’s history involved the use of scabs, and a review of all Unifor labour disputes shows those involving scabs lasted on average six times longer than those without scabs. Every federal and provincial legislator received a letter from Unifor yesterday sharing this new report and our list of recommendations for this legislation that is long overdue. Watch the new video as members speak out about the damage and pain scabs bring to the workplace. A federal anti-scab law will mean more power for workers, and shorter strikes and lockouts. Add your name to the petition right now. In solidarity,

Jerry Dias
National President ***

Bill C-12 . We need a stronger bill to save our planet !

Climte is in crisis

Unifor Local 2002 held its first Environmental Committee meeting on Monday March 1, 2021. The primary goal of the Committee is to lobby, advocate and educate for a greener and cleaner world. Currently we are looking at BILL C-12; Canada’s effort to achieve net-zero green house gas emissions by the year 2050.

We are advocating for immediate changes to Bill C-12 as the current legislation does not provide enough of a framework to effectively reduce harmful carbon emissions by the target date. More action is required and the time to act is now.

During his campaign, Justin Trudeau promised to enact a “Bold Climate Action Plan.” As it currently stands, Bill C-12 is severely lacking in in order to meet the net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We need a Climate Action Plan that reflects scientific evidence, puts workers and our communities first and has an enforceable mechanism for targets that are not met. We need to set the first emission targets for 2025, not wait until 2030 as the bill proposes.


Unifor Local 2002’s Environment Committee is asking our members to get behind The Council of Canadians’ PETITION to strengthen the Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act. CLICK HERE TO SIGN. The petition will take less than a minute to complete, but will impact all of our lives and the future of our planet.


Visit The Council of Canadians website to learn more about the Federal net-zero emissions legislation and sign the PETITION. If environmental concerns speak to you, please contact the Unifor Local 2002 Environment Committee to be part of the global movement to save our planet.

For more information, please contact:
Ada Zampini, Unifor 2002 Environment Committee Liaison