Anti Scab Law Now
Dear members, locals, staff and all leadership, Please take two minutes right now and help us make history in Canada’s labour movement. Sign Unifor’s petition demanding anti-scab legislation at this link. Yesterday our union launched our Anti-Scab Law Now campaign at Prairie Regional Council, and released a research paper called Fairness on the line: The case for anti-scab legislation in Canada. This study includes internal data and analysis we’ve never publicly released before, detailing the cold hard facts on the negative impact scabs have on resolving labour disputes. Simply put, the use of scabs undermines worker’s collective power, unnecessarily prolongs labour disputes, and removes the economic pressure that the withdrawal of labour is supposed to give workers to help end a dispute. Many of you know first-hand the kind of damage scabs cause in our fight to create good, stable and safe jobs for workers in Canada. It’s no surprise that the three longest labour disputes in Unifor’s history involved the use of scabs, and a review of all Unifor labour disputes shows those involving scabs lasted on average six times longer than those without scabs. Every federal and provincial legislator received a letter from Unifor yesterday sharing this new report and our list of recommendations for this legislation that is long overdue. Watch the new video as members speak out about the damage and pain scabs bring to the workplace. A federal anti-scab law will mean more power for workers, and shorter strikes and lockouts. Add your name to the petition right now. In solidarity,

Jerry Dias
National President ***

Shame On Bell

Established 144 years ago, Bell has evolved into Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. (BCE Inc.), commanding the helm as Canada’s leading communications conglomerate. Now the company has been tarnished by the irresponsible and callous decisions by the Bell Board of Directors.

BCE’s systematic reduction of telecommunication jobs, outsourcing practices, offshoring endeavors, and the relentless downsizing of TV and radio newsrooms across the nation have cast a shadow over its legacy. Meanwhile, payouts to shareholders and executive board members have soared, exacerbating the growing chasm between corporate wealth and worker stability.

In a stunning blow to its workforce, February 2024 saw Bell axing an additional 4,800 jobs – a staggering 9% of its employees. More than 800 Unifor members, comprising 700 in telecommunications and more than 100 in media, found themselves abruptly terminated, casualties of a corporate ethos that prioritizes shareholder dividends over employee livelihoods.

Bell is a communications company with no moral fibre. While BCE points fingers at governmental policies, it cannot escape accountability for its actions.

Click through here and make your voice heard, stand in solidarity. Contact the Bell Board through their webform and let them know that Canadians deserve better.